About Us

A leading sportswear brand came to InDHouse with an end goal: they asked us to collaborate on developing a seminal sneaker. They wanted to create an upper that delivered supported, light-as-air movement while streamlining the production process.

Two years on, a revolutionary trainer was born. Made from a single piece of complex, geometrically woven fabric, the uppers on these runners facilitate perfect fit and top performance. 

This is just one example of what we do, and who we do it for. Anyone can make a piece of fabric. We take that fabric apart, we investigate every fiber, we experiment, and then we rebuild it so it’s light years ahead of what it was when we started.

Taking advanced tech to the edge of what it can do, we rethink every step of the textile production process, from research and ideation to prototyping and testing. 

Cutting-edge technology – 3D printers and simulations, virtual showrooms and digitised garments – sustainable tools, and a constant desire to experiment are what fuel InDHouse.

Our partners also energise us. They are the disrupters in fashion, home, automotive, fitness, hospitality, and the medical industry – the individuals and brands that want to transform how we perceive, interface and live with their products.